car with deployed airbags, need help from Houston car accident attorney

Houston Car Accident Attorney & Uninsured Drivers

Texas is one of the worst states for uninsured drivers. Some estimate that 1 in 5 drivers in Texas don’t have auto insurance. In the ...
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pedestrian in crosswalk may need a Houston car accident lawyer if hit by a car

Houston Car Accident Lawyer: Injured as a Pedestrian

Unfortunately, car accidents happen every day. While you might think you’re most at risk when driving, many pedestrians become victims of car accidents. Pedestrian car ...
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traffic from truck accident need accident attorney

Why Hire a Truck Accident Attorney?

Truck accidents are a serious issue. After all, 18-wheeler trucks are typically about 20 times heavier than the average passenger car. If you were in ...
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money from settlement after auto accident lawyer fights for your case

Lump Sum or Structured Settlements?

There are many parts of your case that your auto accident lawyer can help with, from filing a claim to negotiating a settlement with the ...
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car accident scene need to talk to car accident lawyer about fault for crash

Talk to Your Car Accident Lawyer About Fault in Your Case

After a car accident, you might be wondering how to move forward with your case. One of the first things you need to know is ...
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personal injury law book for car accident lawyer

Ask Your Car Accident Lawyer If You Can Seek Damages

You might wonder whether you can seek damages after an auto accident that caused you injuries. Of course, every case is different, so it helps ...
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truck and car driving on road before crash, may need truck accident lawyer for injuries

Truck Accident Lawyer: Liability for Truck Accident

If you were injured in a commercial truck accident, you may face serious damages and injuries and need the guidance of a truck accident lawyer ...
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fender bender accident may need Houston personal injury lawyer

What is a Houston Personal Injury Lawyer?

After a car or truck accident, you might wonder if you need a lawyer. A Houston personal injury lawyer is here to help with your ...
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Victims of texting and driving may need a Houston car accident lawyer for their case

Houston Car Accident Lawyer: Distracted Driving & Cell Phones

If you were injured by a distracted driver using their cell phone, consider talking to a Houston car accident lawyer about your case. With the ...
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