How to Get a Copy of an Accident Report

car accident attorney and victim looking at Houston car accident report
Your car accident attorney will likely need a copy of the crash report to build a strong case against the at-fault driver.

If you were injured in a car accident, there are many steps you can take to help build your case against the at-fault driver. You can work with your Houston car accident attorney to determine what type of evidence you need for your claim. One important piece of evidence is the crash report. In this article, we’ll explain why the police accident report is important for your case, how to obtain it, and some other helpful tips. 

How the Accident Report Helps your Car Accident Attorney

The crash report is an important part of any car accident case. It can serve as evidence for your insurance claim or car accident lawsuit. Also, it helps your car accident attorney investigate your case. 

Crash reports typically have a lot of different information, such as:

  • Date of accident
  • Location of accident
  • Road, weather, and visibility conditions
  • Names and contact information of drivers/parties involved
  • Records of damages and injuries
  • Statements from drivers, passengers, and witnesses
  • Officer’s opinions on how and why the accident happened

All this information can be invaluable to your accident lawyer when building your case. It also helps provide evidence for your claim, including the other driver’s fault and the damages and injuries you received from the accident. Police reports about accidents also often hold a lot of weight with insurance companies and during lawsuits. 

How to Obtain a Crash Report in Houston

In many cases, your car accident attorney can get the crash report for you. However, sometimes you may want or need to get this information on your own. There are several ways to get a copy of your crash report from the Houston Police Department. They are usually processed in six to eight days and then you can request a copy.

Regular copies typically cost $6 while certified copies (needed for official proceedings like insurance claims and lawsuits) typically cost $8. You can request a copy of the report online, by mail, or in person. Keep in mind that crash report copies obtained online or by mail are not full reports and usually have some details redacted, like contact information for the drivers involved. For a full report, you will need to visit the HPD Records Division in the Edward A. Thomas Building in Downtown on Travis Street. 

Still Gather Your Own Evidence at the Car Accident Scene

One thing you might be wondering is whether you still need to collect evidence if a police officer is going to file a report for your crash. If it’s safe to do so, then yes! A police report is typically not all the evidence you need to prove the other driver’s negligence and your own damages. Therefore, we still recommend taking pictures, getting witness information, and documenting your own statement as soon after the accident as possible. Additional evidence can help your personal injury lawyer build a strong case for your claim and help you get maximum compensation. 

In addition, you will still need to gather evidence of your damages, such as medical expenses. Therefore, you’ll need to keep track of all your accident-related expenses. This provides proof behind the value of your claim. 

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