Car Accident Lawyer: Types of Photos to Take of Crash

Damage to car after car accident which may help your car accident lawyer fight your case.
Photos can help your car accident lawyer fight for fair compensation for your case.

There are many types of evidence your car accident lawyer may use for your case. Accident scene photographs can be incredibly valuable for building a case for compensation after a car accident. Photos are a way to capture what happened at the scene when most car accident scenes are cleared quickly to allow for normal traffic flow. Essentially, they’re a great way to preserve evidence. Therefore, when you are able, it’s usually a good idea to take photos after a car accident to help with your case. Learn why and what pictures to take in this article. 

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How Accident Photos Help Your Car Accident Lawyer with Your Case

Your car accident lawyer will look for many types of evidence for your claim, including things like your testimony and witness testimony. However, human memory is a tricky thing and is somewhat unreliable. Therefore, it’s also important to find other types of evidence. The police report can be a good resource, but accident pictures are a really good form of evidence that most car accident victims can take care of themselves. 

Pictures are great because they don’t omit or forget details about the accident. They also capture conditions as they are directly after the accident, which can be incredibly important, as things can change in the hours, days, weeks, and months after your accident. Your personal injury lawyer can use car accident photos to provide evidence of everything from fault to the damages you’re seeking compensation for. Therefore, if you can do so safely, take pictures after your accident or have a trusted passenger do it for you.

What to Take Pictures Of & Other Tips

It’s all well and good to know that pictures can help your car accident lawyer fight your case, but what kinds of pictures are helpful? Generally speaking, the more the better, as your lawyer can sort through them later. However, here’s a basic checklist of things to photograph after a car accident:

  • Damage to both vehicles
  • Additional property damage such as to:
    • Guard rails
    • Fences
    • Trees
    • Light posts
    • Street signs
  • Skid marks
  • Accident debris like:
    • Car parts
    • Shattered glass
  • Road obstructions
  • Visual obstructions to traffic signs and signals
  • General scene:
    • Traffic signs/signals
    • Lanes
  • Weather conditions
  • Visible injuries to you and your passengers (with their consent)
  • Documents like insurance cards

If you’re able to walk around and take pictures safely, you want to do this as soon as you can, such as while waiting for police to arrive. Remember, safety is always the number one priority, so don’t take pictures if it will make you or someone else safe. You might also not be able to take pictures if you need to administer first aid at the accident. 

When taking pictures, make sure time and date stamps are enabled if possible. Don’t worry – most smartphones automatically save the date and time for the photo. 

Also, try to take pictures from different angles and distances. A good rule of thumb is to take three pictures of each subject. Remember, it’s better to have too many than not enough for your case. Your Houston accident lawyer can sort through them later to determine what is and isn’t helpful. 

Another thing to consider is including things in your pictures for scale. You want to use items that most people know the size of. For larger scenes, try to include a landmark. For smaller subjects, use a coin or a key to show scale. 

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