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After a car accident, the Maida Law Firm allows you to speak to a top-rated Houston auto accident lawyer for free! We’re proud to offer a 99% success rate, and you don’t pay unless we WIN your case! Open 24/7, call now!

When you work with our Houston car accident lawyers, we investigate your claim to determine liability.

Houston Auto Accident Attorney

All of these take the driver’s attention away from the road. As Houston auto accident attorneys, we know all too well that it only takes a split second for a collision to unfold. No matter the distraction, the better option is to keep your focus on the road.

1. Did your accident result in injuries? 2. Was your accident caused by the negligence of the other driver?

If you do not have a doctor, we may be able to help you find one. Contact us today to discuss options for your treatment.

When you want to calculate these costs, it’s not always easy. Too often, people don’t fully understand their rights and what compensation is available. That’s why a skilled car accident attorney in Houston is so helpful.

Should I Give a Recorded Statement?

In minor auto collisions, filing a claim against an insurance provider yourself is perfectly fine. Typically, these cases involve relatively minor injuries.

After a car accident, the insurance company of a negligent driver acts quickly. They want to reach out to you to get you talking. Why do they do this?

Contusions or bruises usually mark chest and abdominal injuries in milder accident cases. In more severe cases, the force of a car crash results in broken ribs or internal organ damage. Seatbelt impact or steering wheel impact is the most common cause of chest contusions in a car accident.

When a car wreck leaves you with a serious injury, unable to work, we help you fight to maximize your damages so that you have everything you need to recover. From pain and suffering and medical bills to lost wages, our Houston car accident lawyers strive to obtain the compensation you deserve.

The Maida Law Firm Houston Auto Accident Lawyer:

When bills are piling up, your main concern is likely getting them paid as soon as possible. Financial stress is common in the aftermath of a car accident and, unfortunately, this leads to many people accepting a settlement offer from an insurance company as soon as they can. Trust us – the insurance company KNOWS the stress you feel and takes advantage of it. Insurance companies are businesses that want to maximize profits, which means paying out as little as possible to people like you. They will start very low when it comes to settlement offers, hoping you will simply accept it. Many people accept initial offers because they want a check as soon as possible or because the adjuster falsely earned their trust. This can result in ongoing financial concerns and costs for months or years to come.

In these cases, drivers often have to jerk the steering wheel around unexpectedly. Tying into poor maintenance, that’s why it is essential to maintain your vehicle.

Car accident laws in Texas are not so simple, and our attorneys know that drivers can make mistakes and STILL obtain at least partial recovery.“Comparative fault” is a legal concept common in personal injury cases. This concept applies to situations in which injured victims may also have some degree of fault in the accident. Most states—including Texas—apply a “modified comparative fault” standard to such cases. This standard allows certain car accident victims to recover some compensation even though they also made a mistake. This rule recognizes that when someone is MORE at fault than you, they should still be held partially liable for your losses. Note that each state has its own laws regarding comparative fault and contributory negligence, and an experienced lawyer can advise you of your rights depending on where your accident happened.

If you don’t have any financial losses, you can’t collect compensation from the insurance company. However, even if you have relatively minor medical bills or only pay a little out of pocket, you have the right to recover payment for those costs. Your health insurance company might not cover injuries if they happened in a car crash, as it expects the other driver’s insurance to cover them. Medical bills from car accidents can range from a few hundred dollars to millions of dollars and, in either case, you should call our law firm right away.